A Gift to our Community - Roslyn Lodge

It is true that the world is made up of unsung heroes. There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t in some significant way triumphed over adversity, forgiven a great wrong, or been influential in changing someone else’s life for the better. And isn’t it a wonderful thing when these efforts get acknowledged and we learn something amazing about our neighbours?

The people we are talking about today are the awesome staff at Roslyn Lodge, the aged care facility in North Tamborine.  In August 2013 our clinic was awarded the contract to provide physio care for the residents at the lodge, and every week since, 2 of our therapists have had the honour of spending time ‘over the road’. It turns out that being the therapist to go is a kind of a highlight of the week. Why? One big reason is the amazing level of quality health and personal care fostered by the staff. Another major reason is seeing the respect and deep individual interest shown towards these older people.

Rebecca Bell, a director at Physique, knows this isn’t always the norm. She has been a health care provider at other residential facilities and notes significant differences at Roslyn. “Aged-care unfortunately can sometimes be impersonal and just about getting procedures done. Up here there is such dedicated concern and care towards the individual. No matter what the restraints, the staff will find a way to make the impossible possible. They never give up on making each person’s quality of life better, even if the person is at the very last stages of their life.

“From a clinician’s point of view, the staff members are always interested in advice and provide amazing support in patient goals. There are quite a few families who after exploring options all over the Gold Coast, still choose to bring their loved ones here,” Rebecca also added.

Emily Fox, another Physique therapist, loves that “Roslyn staff consistently give residents a reason to get out of bed and still live life. A huge amount of varied activities are organised almost every day to involve community members, promote exercise and most importantly, get enjoyment of life” she says. “They go to movies, bring kids in from the schools, do morning tea outings, have visits from animals, and they have even been to The Outback Spectacular! They ask and listen to what the residents want to do.”

Thank you to all of the staff who make Roslyn Lodge an inspiring and hope filled place to be. You are an incredible asset to our Mountain community!