Motherhood - a tough gig!

Mothers.  Who’d be one? You guys are amazing.  More than amazing, you guys are astoundingly remarkable.  I am constantly in awe of my wonderful wife and the way that she cares for my two fantastic children.  After just one day of Daddy Daycare, I am a physical and emotional wreck.  And yet, she continues to be a loving mother, even though she has constantly put others first every single day for the past 8 years.

“Mum, I’m huuunnnngggrrryyyyyyyyyy.” “Mum, Sarah said that I smell like the dog.” “Mum, Owen’s leg is stuck behind the fridge and we can’t get it out!”  I don’t know how she does it.  Her patience,   kindness, care and love is something that has to be seen to believe.  However, I also know that Motherhood has taken a massive physical toll on her.  It is without question, the biggest physical stress that has ever been placed on her body and has resulted in multiple aches and pains. I remember some days that she was so sore from all the carrying and constant demands placed on her body that even to just get out of bed would require a massive groan of effort.

I know that being a mother of a child under 8 years of age is guaranteed to result in some form of body aches and pains.  At Physique, we regularly care for many mothers who have many pains.  Pain and stiffness between the shoulder blades, low back pain, jaw pain, pain in the shoulders, pains in the wrists and forearms, neck pain and headaches.

However, I also know that Mothers DO NOT have to just put up with having pain.  Most pain is due   to mechanical irritation of a tissue.  This mechanical irritation is usually due to the body tissue being overloaded and therefore working in a dysfunctional way. 

Our body responds to irritation with inflammation.  Inflammation will eventually lead to pain and stiffness.  Physios are absolute experts at identifying where the dysfunction is coming from and will therefore be able to treat the cause of   the inflammation and pain.  If we improve the way the joints are moving, then we will help to take away the pain.

In addition to getting joints moving better, it is absolutely essential that Mothers regain their core strength and improve the flexibility in their muscles.  At Physique, we regularly prescribe gentle Pilates exercises as part of a home exercise program and the results we see are fantastic.  My advice to any new mum who is considering getting back into a fitness program is that they do a course of core strengthening exercises aimed at improving stability and decreasing the stress on their joints first.

Mums, please stop just putting up with your pains.  Stop putting yourself last and decide to do something about improving the way your bodies are moving.  I know that Physique can help.  Being pain free makes such a difference.

Happy Mother’s Day for May 10th, and I hope that you are all spoiled absolutely rotten.