Ignoring the Problem Just Does Not Help

For the past few months our family has been battling against an insurgency of flying moths and crawling larvae.  My Mum has always describe these pests as Weevils.  However, some quick online research led me find out that they are actually called Indian Pantry Moths.  I realise of course that the title of this article is incorrect, but “Attack of the Evil Indian Pantry Moths” just didn’t sound anywhere near as scary.

Anyway, we had been killing the occasional flying moth for the past seven years without ever cleaning out the cupboard and getting to the bottom of the problem.  Suddenly, a few months ago there was a population explosion and we had flying moths and crawling larvae everywhere.  Owen in particular was a bit freaked out by all the larvae crawling around the kitchen.  He has only just started eating rice again.  I suppose you shouldn’t joke to a 6 year-old that cooked rice looks a lot like those little creepy crawlies we keep finding on the benchtops.

As a result of this major Indian Pantry Moth party happening in our pantry, we have been waging a full scale war ever since.  We emptied the cupboard, found the major source of the larvae, cleaned every container out and squished multiple little squirmy maggoty looking things.  We swatted pantry moths for weeks, put out little sticky bait traps and laid Bay Leaves in all the shelves.  It appears that we have won the war and completely beaten the little blighters.  However, to achieve this it took a lot of effort and a lot of time.  It is obvious to me that if we had started to address the problem when we had first noticed the occasional moth, than this outbreak could have been avoided and a whole heap of time saved. 

And so it is with our bodies.  Very few significant pains will just go away by us ignoring the problem.  At Physique we often treat people who have been putting up with pain and limitations on their lives for great lengths of time.  Even though we can still get these pains under control, it requires a lot more time and a lot more effort from both the physio and the patient than if we had addressed the problem from the early stages. 

I have been thinking about why we put off doing things that are actually good for us.  Well, for Bec and I, we didn’t want to have to deal with yet ANOTHER thing in our lives.  However, ignoring the problem was not actually helpful – in fact it was just the opposite.  I think there are many different reasons why we don’t always seek help when we first start to get pains.  One of my patients recently said that she just didn’t want to admit that her leg pains weren’t getting better, because then she would have to admit that she was getting a little older.  Often, my patients tell me that they put off getting treatment because they feel that there are many other people worse off than them.    

It doesn’t matter the reasons why, but if you are putting off getting treatment for your aches and pains I encourage you to seek some help.  The sooner, the better.  Don’t be like Bec and I.  Deal with the problem now.  A good physiotherapist can make a world of difference and can help you to stop living with the pain and start living your life again.