It's ALL About The Preparation

One month ago my beautiful little Sarah turned 9-years old.  Bec and I had decided that for her birthday we were going to let her get her ears pierced.  She had wanted to do it for a few years and we had finally concluded that she was mature enough to have them done.  She was very excited that we thought that she was ready and she couldn’t wait to get them done. 

There was just one problem.  Sarah had heard that it hurts quite a lot.  The fact that it was her mother who had told her this based on her own childhood experience, meant that Sarah was quite worried about how painful it was going to be.  So we set about preparing her for the big day.  We spent a long time explaining the process, we prayed about it and we answered any questions that she had honestly and openly.  Bec organized for both of the ears to be done at once and on the morning of her birthday we applied some local numbing cream to her ear lobes. 

Now this seems like a lot of preparation to do just for an ear piercing, but we wanted Sarah to have a good experience and remember the day fondly.  The big moment came and ……. it was a breeze!  Yeah, it still hurt, but she handled it amazingly.  No tears, just lots of excitement over how beautiful she looked.  It was all about the preparation. 

And so it is with the upcoming Hinterland Sports Festival (formerly known as the Tour De Tamborine).  If you want to have a good experience on the day it’s all about getting your preparation right.  We have about 8-weeks to go until the festival all kicks off which is plenty of time to get our training regime sorted and to get all of our niggly injuries under control. 

For those of you planning to do the bigger rides and the longer runs, you should now be starting to taper off your training a bit.  The occasional long training session over the next 2 months is important to maintain your aerobic base, but pushing yourself too much in the last few weeks leading up to the festival could actually lead to fatigue and possibly injury on the day. 

For the rest of us, there is actually plenty of time left to increase our fitness to a level that we can make it through the 5 km run or the 5 km scenic mountain top walk.  Remember, start off slowly and gradually build up as you feel that you are getting stronger.  This is so important, I treat so many people that just start too hard and this then leads to overuse, fatigue and then injury. 

Physique has been the physiotherapy provider at this festival now for the past 5 years and I can’t tell you how many people I have had to treat on the day as a result of bringing an untreated, niggly injury into the event.  If you are suffering from any niggly aches and pains, now is the time to get them sorted.  8-weeks is usually enough time to get the muscles and joints moving correctly, thereby decreasing stress on our tissues, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Between now and November 20th get stuck in!  Enjoy your exercise, get your preparation right and make sure that you really have an unforgettable time on our amazing mountain.