What An Amazing Year

Sometimes the honesty of children is extremely hilarious to behold.  Most of the time their observations are usually quite correct.  I was reminded of this recently.  Our little family have moved into our new home and we have been working out where to put all our furniture.  We have a nice little side table with 2 drawers in it.  It was decided that this would go in our entrance way and the drawers could be used to put mum and dad’s bits and pieces in.

“Ok Dad, I think that looks great,” says Sarah.  “Now Mum can put her stuff in the drawer on the right and yours can go in the left one.” “Why do I have to take the one on the left”, I asked in innocence.  “Well Dad,” she said, “Mum is ALWAYS right and, well, Dad, you’re……….” She started giggling and finished off in laughter, “Well Dad, you’re kind of wrong a lot.”  Ha!  Well, what could I say to that?  And she is right, of course – her Mum IS always right, and I do get things wrong quite often. Especially when it comes to what is happening at school on any given day.

But there is one thing I do know I am right about: this has been an amazing year for us at Physique.

As a clinic, we have continued to grow and grow and are even busier than we could have imagined.  We are so grateful to you, our Mountain community for your support.  Bec and I still can’t believe what Physique has grown into.  Who knew that this was going to happen when I started treating people out of the back of my Pajero 5 years ago?! 

The professional highlight of this year for me was completing my Level 2 Watson Headache Treatment course in which I received one-on-one training from Dean Watson himself!  Personally, Bec and I have had our most enjoyable and relaxing year since starting our own business.  This is because we have a fantastic team of physios and now have the best front desk staff of any business on the mountain.    

Our team of physios have had big years individually.  Steve continued to expand his chronic pain treatment knowledge this year by attending advanced courses run by leading pain expert David Butler.  He has also discovered the joy of trail running around his property with his two dogs and, of course, continues to ride his road bike whenever he gets time to do so.  Andrew has welcomed his little baby girl, Abbey, into the world and is absolutely loving having Wednesdays off to try to be the best Dad in the world.   This year he has really been able to utilize his strong exercise science background by spending many hours rehabilitating patients from Physique in the local gym.  Taryn continues to be this amazing person who juggles being a mum to two kids, lecturing physiotherapy and exercise science students at Griffith Uni, and helping patients at Physique.  I really don’t know how she does it all so successfully.  Her Lymphoedema Specialist service that she is now providing at Physique is already starting to change people’s lives.

And Bec, well she is the most fantastic person that I know.  She is a great physiotherapist, the best Mum I have ever seen and my lifesaver. 

Bec and I thank you, our mountain community for this year.  We can’t wait to make a difference in all of your lives again next year.  Have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless.