Two weeks ago, a regular patient of mine got a job.  Just an ordinary, part-time office job.  Nothing particularly special about the role.  Now, you might be thinking why are you telling me this?  Well, you see, the thing is, while there is nothing particularly special about this job, there is something very special about the journey that this person has been on to get this job.  She has recently been through a very messy divorce, she is renovating her house, she is now a single parent and she has had to totally upskill herself in order to find a job and be able to support her family.  I suppose with all that going on, it is no surprise that she has had severe neck pain and headaches as well.  And this is how I came into her life. 

Together, we have achieved some fantastic results with her neck pain and headaches, but I have been most impressed with how she has continued on in life.  After we celebrated her getting the job, she said to me, “You have been on this journey with me.  Thank you for that.  Thank you for your encouragement and support.”  I was very humbled.  My immediate reply was something like “Hey, you’re welcome, that’s what we are here for.”

But, having thought about it, what I meant to say was: “It is an absolute privilege and a great honour to be able to share your journey with you.  I am incredibly humbled to be a part of your life and extremely grateful that I can help you and your aches and pains in some small way.”

And, speaking on behalf of all of us at Physique, this is how we feel about every single one of our patients.  We cherish you and the roles that we have in your lives.  We understand what it takes to trust a healthcare professional and the fact that you let us into your lives is incredibly humbling.  Thank you that you give us a chance to change your pain and to improve your function.  Thank you that you respect us, seek our opinion and follow our advice.  Well, most of the time anyway!!  And thank you that you allow us to share your journey with you.

Being a physiotherapist can, at times, be quite challenging.  Some days it is very physical.  Our patients can tell you how much we put into our hands-on treatments.  Some days can be very draining in other ways.  But we love it.  We enjoy helping people and we enjoy making a difference.

Yesterday, as an elderly patient got off the treatment bed she remarked, “We are so lucky to have you on our mountain.”  You know what?  I think it is just the opposite.  We, all of us at Physique, are incredibly blessed to be a part of our mountain community.  Our patients hold a particularly special place in our lives and we are extremely grateful that we have been allowed to help as many people as we have been able to.  Long may it continue!

And to my friend who got her not particularly special, part-time, ordinary office job: You inspire me.  Thank you.  Keep on walking.