Prescare Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

As I sat down to write my Physio Talk column this week I was going through the things that have happened over the past month or so and was just starting to formulate some ideas to write about.  The next thing I know I was interrupted by Elaine.  She wanted to tell me that one of my awesome physios was in the staff room and probably needed me.  When I opened the door to the staff room I found our physio in a highly emotional state with tears streaming down her face.  She had just come from a meeting at Roslyn Lodge where she had witnessed firsthand the devastating effect the unusual and cruel way in which PresCare announced their plans to close. 

The family members of Roslyn Lodge residents were given just 48 hours notice to attend a meeting.  PresCare then delivered the news to a room full of people, a lot of them deaf, many of them suffering from dementia and some without any family support what so ever.  Imagine, sitting there in some confusion, surrounded by a heap of people, not being able to hear properly and being told that you were having your home ripped from underneath you.  The place that is close to your friends and family.   The place that you felt that were going to be safe and secure, well cared for and loved, right up until your last breath.  And then worse still, told that no matter what, the doors are going to be closed in just 7 weeks! 

I am appalled that PresCare call themselves a Christian organization.  The way that they have hidden behind their corporate culture and used terms like “the board has decided” and cited “lack of financial viability” to essentially show a complete disregard for the welfare and care of human beings who are our most vulnerable members of our community is the furtherest away from the compassion, love and grace that Christ demonstrates.

I am a business owner, I understand financial issues.  However, what I cannot comprehend is the complete disregard for humanity and an unfathomable lack of appreciation of the impact of their actions on individuals and the wider community. 

Right, enough anger, time for planning.

We have a powerful, creative and motivated community.  We are a group of problem-solvers who in the past have come up with fantastic solutions to community wide problems.  It is time for Our Mountain to stand up as a community to protect the vulnerable.  To demonstrate love, care and commitment to the residents at Roslyn Lodge.  Initially, we need to petition our members of parliament and the PresCare CEO to extend the ridiculous timeframe attached to the closure.  Give the community more time to come up with a solution to this bombshell.  Or, at the very least, ways for the community to help the residents transition safely and with respect and with dignity.   

The next step is to look at alternative solutions.  The local chamber of commerce president, our local councilors and our state and federal members of parliament are already starting to look into this.  I also know that the church ministers on the mountain have had meetings to discuss ways forward.  Please, if you have good, constructive ideas, make them known.  Email.  Phone.  Stop the politicians in the street.  Let’s use our greatest resource on this mountain – our people.  Failing alternative solutions, we will need a great number of the community to volunteer to help the residents and their families sort this mess out.  Keep an ear out.  I am sure that soon there will be a town hall meeting and from that we will all have some more practical ways of helping. 

In the meantime, make you displeasure known.