Trust Me, I'm a Physio

Recently we brought home two new pet beds as treats for our much loved and overly spoilt dog and cat.  Our beautiful black Labrador, Millie, was overjoyed at the prospect of something new to lie on and immediately began to make herself comfortable.  As she lay there with a big smile on her face and tail wagging I couldn’t help but compare her reaction to that of our cat, Moo.  Having suspiciously sniffed the new bed that was put on her favourite chair, she leapt vertically in the air with a weird, half strangled growl and beat a hasty retreat to the safety of our bedroom.  Later, Bec tried to coax her onto the bed with some fresh chicken laid invitingly on it.  It was a sight to see, but somehow Moo managed to eat all the chicken while still maintaining all four of her legs off the offending piece of furniture!

This is a common pattern in our house.  The dog has learnt that we are so trustworthy that anything to do with us is seen as also being trustworthy and she will do almost all things immediately upon being asked.  The cat, on the other hand, needs to experience things, even if they are coming from a trustworthy source, at her own pace and develop an understanding that new things are trustworthy.    

This got me thinking about Physique.  For our clients, we are a very trusted part of their lives.  It is a very privileged position for us to be in and we take the responsibility of that position very seriously.   Having the inquisitive and searching mind that I have, I started to wonder why.  Why do people trust us?  Why do people believe that we are trying our hardest to come up with the best and most long lasting health solution for them?

Now me being me, I tried to work this out for myself.  I trotted off to our waiting room and looked up at all our degrees on the wall.  I counted them.  Ten!  Ten degrees we have between the five physiotherapists.  We have Bachelor degrees and Masters degrees, Honours degrees and Post Graduate Diplomas.  Next up I totaled up our years of experience.  And guess what?  We have been doing physiotherapy now for a combined total of 73 years!  Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, lots of degrees and a heap of experience probably won’t make me trust you.  It certainly shows clinical expertise and indicates a high level of technical skills, but you don’t trust someone just purely because they are good at their job, do you?

Maybe.  When I asked one of my patients why she trusted me, she replied: “Because I know that you make my pain go away.” Ok, I thought, maybe results and being good at your job does help someone to trust you.  But I still wasn’t satisfied I had got the full answer, so I asked another patient.  And she nailed it.

I put the question to her: “why do you trust me?”  She replied after thinking for a moment: “Well, it’s obvious.”  “What do you mean, what’s obvious?” I replied.  “It’s obvious that you actually, truly care.”

Ah Ha!  And then I could see it.  I could hear it in the way the patients are greeted by Elaine, I could tell by the way the physios talk to their patients and how they asked about the things that are happening in their lives.  It is obvious, we do care.  And what’s more, it is obvious that our patients not just trust us, but they care about us as well.  Coming to this realization has made me even more thankful for the blessing of living and working in this Mountain community.  Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to try to make a difference in your lives.