“Well, I Guess That is Good For You”

Last week a regular patient of mine came into my consulting room and after the usual banter of me making fun of how bad his team the Fremantle Dockers are and he telling me that at least AFL players can spell their names not like the dumbies who play in the NRL, he asked me how I was getting on.  Now at Physique, we have been flat out.  In fact every one of the five physios here have been almost solidly booked out for weeks.  So in reply to his question I told him emphatically:  “Busy, very, very busy.” 

He half smiled and said “Well I guess that’s good for you, but also, I reckon it’s kinda bad for humanity.”  You see, what my big, AFL loving friend was getting at is that if the physio has been busy, then the people of the mountain must have been having a bad run of injuries.  I chuckled, told him I hadn’t thought about it like that and then proceeded to loosen off his stiff and sore neck. 

Later on, as I was reflecting about my day, I remembered what this patient had said and realised that in all honestly, I had never thought about it the way he had put it.  I truly believe in physiotherapy.  I truly believe that we have the ability to change people’s lives.  In fact, I HAVE changed thousands of people’s lives.  So from my point of view, it is actually absolutely wonderful for the local community that they are getting the help they need to continue living their lives free from the restrictions of pain, stiffness and weakness.

Although, you know, I could definitely see the point that he was making:  If we only ever went seeking help from health care professionals when something is wrong, then the fact that Physique is chocka-block, WOULD mean that there is a heck of a lot of people injuring themselves on this Mountain.  However, while we most definitely do care for a lot of injured people and help gently and effectively get people back on track after an episode of pain, Physique is different.

Most of our patients have come to value physiotherapy so highly that they regularly attend appointments as a way to minimise pain and stiffness and to PREVENT injury from occurring.  Our patients, over a long time, have experienced the impact that our hands-on skills at Physique have had on their ability to continue doing the things they love and living the way they want while maintaining their pain and stiffness levels at a minimum.  Whether it is regular massage and joint mobilisation to reduce the impact of a hectic, stressful lifestyle or regular one-on-one Pilates and exercise sessions to ensure that they are at their peak to tackle all the challenges that their lives throw at them, a lot of people in this community are seeing the benefit of our approach at Physique which addresses the cause of the problem rather than just deal with the symptoms of pain and stiffness.  As many of my patients keep telling me, prevention is definitely, without a doubt, better than cure.

If you have an ongoing problem that is impacting your life and stopping you from living how you want to, maybe it is time to give us a call and see if we can make a difference in your life too?

Oh, and a message from my brother-in-law to my Dockers loving mate: “Go the West Coast Eagles!”