Info For New Patients


Main Entrance:  Located at 2/10 Main Street, North Tamborine, in the rear of the Capo Di Monte building. Please be advised there are 3 stairs to climb. If you have mobility challenges you are more than welcome to use our Handicapped entrance off of Capo Lane. 


Off Street Parking: Available in the parking lot at the North side of our building. There is easy access into the driveway off Main Street in North Tamborine.

Street Parking: There is generally ample parking right across the road in from of the clinic.

Handicapped Parking and Entrance: Is available for you if you can’t manage stairs or have other mobility challenges. There is a handicapped marked driveway and parking spot located off of Capo Lane. Ring the doorbell and someone will immediately assist you, or you can let us know beforehand that you will be using the entrance and we will have it open for you.


Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, or makes it easy to treat the injured area ( ie. a pair of shorts is great if physio is for your knee, or a singlet if you are getting your neck or shoulder treated.)

INITIAL Assessments

When you come to Physique for the first time, your therapist will conduct an in depth assessment of your condition, involving manual assessment, measures and testing, specific questions about your condition and a study of any recent scans or referrals you may have had. And all that really doesn’t take too long! You will also have hands-on treatment during that first session so you won’t need to wait till your second visit to receive some therapy.

We are passionate about education! By the time your first session is over you should have a good understanding of your condition and any questions you may have had answered.  You will also be empowered with a plan that is put together by your therapist AND yourself on how you will be progressing forward to achieve your goals.

Your Game Plan

  1. Do not give up! The best outcome can take time.
  2. Keep your scheduled appointments! If you miss appointments, it’s going to take longer to correct your problem and you may not improve at all.
  3. Do Your Home Program! Your exercises and the advice given to you by your physiotherapist are aimed at getting you improving more quickly.

Home Exercise Programs

Injuries and pain are most often caused by improper movement, tightness or weakness in certain body parts. Home exercises support your recovery and we cannot stress enough the difference doing your program will make to your recovery or in managing your condition. 

Health Funds and HiCAPS

We have a HICAPS terminal  in the clinic so you can claim your health fund rebate immediately.  If your plan covers them, even our Pilates and Balance classes qualify for Health Fund Rebates!

Medicare Rebates

Physique Health participates in the Enhanced Primary Care program (EPC Medicare referral from a GP). This is a Medicare Subsidy program for qualified patients who have 2 or more chronic conditions. Make an appointment to see your GP to discuss whether this is for you.

If you have a current EPC referral with available sessions approved, we can make sure that you get your Medicare rebate.  In fact, if you have a debit card with a cheque or savings account linked, we can even do the claim for you on the spot!

Bulk Billing: If you have an EPC referral , and hold a current Pension or Health Care Card, we are happy to bulk bill your appointments covered under the EPC program.