At Physique Physiotherapy, Mount Tamborine, we have a highly trained and experienced Lymphoedema physiotherapist on our staff, Taryn Jones.

Taryn is a therapist who has undergone extensive post graduate training to enable her to effectively and safely treat patients suffering from Lymphoedema, and is now an instructor for physiotherapists at Griffith University.
It is extremely unwise to seek Lymphoedema treatment from physiotherapists who have not had post graduate training in this area.  

What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the spaces between cells.  This accumulation of fluid results in swelling and most commonly occurs in the arms and legs but can also be seen in the head and neck, trunk, abdomen and genitals.

Primary Lymphoedema may arise at any age and is usually genetic in origin.  Secondary Lymphoedema is due to damage to the lymphatic system as a result or surgery, cancer, trauma and radiation.  It is not uncommon in those who have undergone cancer surgery where lymph nodes may or may not have been removed.  If you have had surgery that has involved removal of lymph nodes, there is a higher risk of developing Lymphoedema in time.

How We Can Help

At Physique Physiotherapy, Mount Tamborine, we can help reduce the chance of developing Lymphoedema post operatively and can also achieve reduction of swelling and pain while improving function in an already affected limb.

Our Lymphoedema treatment at Physique Physiotherapy includes:

  •  Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Compression bandaging if required
  • Prescription of compression garments
  • Exercise programs
  • Education

Our Aim

Our goal is to identify patients at risk and reduce the incidence of developing Lymphoedema after surgery.  Where Lymphoedema does occur, physiotherapy has been shown to be able to achieve a significant reduction of swelling and pain and improvement in function.  Taryn can also assist patients with self-management maintenance programs. 

At Physique Physiotherapy, Mount Tamborine, we are extremely proud to be able to offer this highly specialised service.  Patients no longer have to travel to Southport or Brisbane to get understanding, care and support for the management of Lymphoedema.

Make an appointment at Physique Physiotherapy today to see Taryn Jones and start getting the highly specialised treatment that Lymphoedema requires.