Products That Can Help 

In our clinic we have a range of what we believe are the best products of their kind. Your therapist can speak to about what can best aid you to make your recovery as quick and pain free as possible, and also recommend strategies on products that could help manage existing conditions.

Hot and Cold Therapy

  • Wheat packs – Large and Small, Heat Patches, Electric Heat Packs
  •  Flexible Gel Ice Packs, Instant Ice Packs


  • Fisiocreme – All natural muscle rub, massage balls, massage peanuts


  • High Grade Magnesium, Natural Anti-inflammatories, Fish Oil, Arthritis Relief

Supports and Braces

  • Wrist, knee, tennis elbow, back and ankle braces and supports,  support sleeves
  • Sports Strapping Tape

Pillows and Postural Support

  • Memory Foam Pillows, Lumbar Support Cushions
  • Heat Moulded Orthotics

Exercise and Pilates

  • Foam Rollers, Exercise Balls, Hand Weights, Pedal Exercisers
  • Theraband exercise band, Shoulder Pullys, Mulligan Staps