What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Your wellbeing is why we are here at our clinic on Mount Tamborine! Here is some of the recent feedback for us at Physique!

I was most anxious prior to my first visit to Physique as my experiences with physiotherapy had been limited up to that point and had left me feeling honestly, quite hopeless. Physique soon helped me to feel at ease as every staff member I have ever encountered have been so friendly, offering genuine care and compassion and ALWAYS greet me with a smile! Even tea and cake! Physique have been ‘my’ physiotherapists since March 2014. The hands-on treatment I receive is amazing although that word doesn’t seem enough! I have never had this kind of physio before! They have encouraged me to seek specialist help with various issues and are most passionate about reaching the very best of outcomes for ‘me’! Physique is definitely now my ‘go to’ place for ongoing repairs and maintenance. My body really, really thanks you, Physique!
— Jeneanne, Yarrabilba
The team at Physique have changed my life. I have had constant back pain from an injury I suffered in 1997. My chiropractor at the time suggested I visit him weekly for the rest of my life as this would be the only way I would ever have any relief from the pain. When my back was so sore that I could hardly stand one day at work, a colleague sent me to the physiotherapist to see Neil Bell. I was skeptical to say the least. Over time Neil and other members of his staff have improved my quality of life 10 fold. I now only visit every 4 or 5 months for a maintenance session, really just an excuse to drop in and catch up with the charming staff at the reception desk, all of whom I now count as dear friends. I recommend the physique physiotherapy clinic to everyone I know because I have no doubt they will be in the best (healing) hands.
— Cassandra
I have been attending the Physique Clinic as a senior citizen for almost three years.
I suffered with chronic back pain but since receiving regular treatment of massage, and acupuncture plus a simple exercise plan, I am now pain free.
My problem is not one that can be cured due to my age, but by having regular monthly treatments, I can now manage the problem, and I no longer take painkillers, thanks to the professionalism of the kindly, Physique physiotherapists.
— Carole
I have been a frequent patient of Physique and Neil Bell since before it’s inception. From the moment you enter, to the greetings of the delightful receptionists, then to the treatment rooms, you cannot help but feel that you’re the recipient of genuine care, knowledge and carefully assessed treatment. The treatments for my chronic pain issues have allowed me to continue working, and living a relatively normal life. Thank you.
— Jean
Thanks so much to the team at Physique. The level of support and care was sensational. They have been able to assist me through my ongoing neck tightness to a point that now it never bothers me. Great techniques and strategy to health. Thank You.
— Haydn
I’m getting to that age where being able to reach, twist & being at all supple were all disappearing at an ever increasing rate. My chosen sport – Outrigger Canoe racing was becoming more & more difficult as aches & pains were becoming a normal part of life. I have always believed in the old saying that Prevention is better than cure…. so, I decided to do the Pilates course at Physique.
Why Pilates you ask? Simple… you can’t expect your ageing muscles to do their job unless you are pain free & supple. After a few months of Pilates once a week, my once aching joints now support a stronger, fitter body with lots more power & endurance.
I have now competed in races locally & overseas & plan to continue to do so well into the future.
Thanks Physique for the fun Friday Pilates sessions.
— John
I am a 65 year old male, who has lead an active career in all codes of football, requiring many visits to physiotherapists and other osteo-therapists within the muscular healing industry. I believe with my experience I can safely identify and recommend a GOOD PHYSIOTHERAPIST.
My therapist at Physique has treated me for the last 10 months and insists on my using accurate movement techniques to correct muscular displacement. His insistence on correct movement techniques has corrected a long standing shoulder complaint of mine.
Further more, he is very able in acupuncture, thereby reducing the need for over-physical or extreme deep massage. Resulting in a happy, pain free and unbruised body.
In short, I thoroughly endorse PHYSIQUE for all muscular improvements.”
— Kerry
Physique has been my saviour on many occasions and I have recommended the practice to anyone who is in need of Physiotherapy. Not only are the Physios excellent, they are also very caring and interested in my wellbeing. I have always been impressed with their professionalism and I also find the office/reception staff fantastic. Nothing is too much trouble; they are so friendly and welcoming and will do their utmost to fit me in for an appointment in times of trouble. Parking and access is convenient, the rooms are spotless and private, things I think are very important. All in all, Physique is a winner for me, I wouldn’t venture anywhere else.
— Margaret